Item #8 Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Bridesmaids’ gifts are a way to thank a bridal party for the time and money they’ve put into celebrating the bride getting hitched. Some brides pick up the check for the dress, the hair and makeup, or something else wedding-related. Others prefer a gift more sentimental and personal. Like other brides, my bridesmaids are my closest friends who stand by me through the good and the not so good times. I felt I didn’t want to just buy them something; I wanted to share time with them when it wasn’t all about me, the bride, but about them and what they enjoyed.

I heard a few great ideas such as hosting a wine tour out on Long Island, buying monogram necklaces, giving a small gift as well as a gift card to Cactus Salon for the wedding to use then or at another time being there’s a ton of locations all over New York, getting Tom’s shoes to wear at the wedding reception (loved that idea), and many more wonderful ideas. I still wanted something to honor the uniqueness of each bridesmaid rather than a one-size-fits all gift. Considering all the preferences I had for them for my wedding, it meant a lot to me to have my bridesmaids pick something they wanted versus something I wanted for them. After much thought, I decided I wanted to host a sushi dinner and a Stella & Dot party giving my bridesmaids a chance to pick something they’d like for themselves, completely unrelated to my wedding. I remembered a few women from my office going to a Stella & Dot party with 10% of proceeds going to The HOPE Program (where I work) and how much everyone was talking about it the next day and sharing the awesome catalogs.

Our stylist, Kim Waldman, and I arranged to have a trunk show of various trendy and fun earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, bags and iPod and iPad cases to choose from. Kim was  well-versed in the quality and style associated with the items – she also was a ton of fun who became a quick new friend. Because Kim knew other ladies in my life would love this stuff, she also set up the trunk show online to family, friends and colleagues from now until midnight on May 10th @

Our Stella & Dot experience was a blast and likely the first of many parties and purchases! Most importantly, my bridesmaids each chose something they wanted allowing me to contribute to their happiness to thank them for how much they’ve impacted mine.

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