Item #7 The Wedding Dress


Wedding (Photo credit: teresachin2007)

I feel like a princess the moment I step into my wedding dress. That is, my Judd Waddell wedding dress. One thing is for sure – just like finding my fiancé, it took a while to find that “princess” feeling.

The entire wedding dress process is quite overwhelming from thinking about the style, color, cost to experiencing the opinions, bridal boutiques and the magazines and online media showing wedding dresses. Then there’s where do you go, who goes with you, who does NOT go with you and how many dresses do you try on.

For me, I’ve known essentially my whole life who I want with me: my mom, my aunt(mom’s sister) and my two cousins (aunt’s daughters). These four women have been the voices in my head since I was a little girl and whose opinions I care about and trust. Once I experience wedding dress shopping with them, my best friend (maid of honor) and I would take dress shopping on by storm. Her opinion and overall concern for my happiness triumphs many sibling relationships.

On November 24th, 2011 my fiance proposed; on November 30th my mom arrived to New York to begin the wedding dress search. There was nothing that could hold her back from seeing me in a wedding dress (and my ring in person;). She came with her checked luggage and her carry on filled with bridal magazines, wedding planners and anything else bridal the bag would allow her to squeeze in. It’s a special time in a mother and daughter’s relationship I always imagined my mom and I sharing together. I wouldn’t try on a wedding dress for the first time without my mom there. My mom wanted us to see as many dresses as possible so we booked as many appointments as we could including the Kleinfeld’s experience. I was not interested in my parents spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a dress I’d wear once, even if it was my wedding dress. It’s hard to justify spending so much money on just a dress knowing how much weddings cost and knowing I value many other things before a wedding dress. After Kleinfeld and other dress stores, I decided I’d continue researching dress stores and landed on The Bridal Garden. Bridal Garden is a not for profit resale bridal boutique run by Geraldine Brower showcasing gorgeous designer and couture wedding gowns at a significantly discounted price with all proceeds benefiting education for New York City children. Not for profit + education + children + designer gowns + discount = MY WEDDING DRESS. As a non-profit professional helping adults living at or below poverty re-engage in the workforce, spending money on a wedding dress somewhere where my money would help children and education was a no brainer. It felt as if I’d almost be donating money to this cause and getting a wedding dress out of it! I knew that was where I wanted my dress to come from. The only thing left was to find the dress there.

A week later, my best friend and I were at my appointment and I found it, my dress…the dress I stepped into and felt like a princess. My mom went to my matron of honor‘s house in Florida where they both live to look at the dress and how I looked in it. My mom called me and said, “the dress may not be the exact ivory we wanted, but you are glowing in it. You’ve found your dress.”

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One Response to Item #7 The Wedding Dress

  1. Jaclyn says:

    I had the best time being part of this experience with you! And yes you are correct, you definitely look like a princess in it!! So beautiful.

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